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"Healing Eczema: When Dieting Is Not Enough" eBook

In this ebook, I offer advice and reasons on why diet alone is not helping. I also share effective tips to help your eczema improve (to work alongside your diet plan). You'll learn additional remedies to help your eczema and you'll also find out why your current strategy isn't working.

You’ll also get to learn:

  • Why diet isn’t enough to help heal your skin at times
  • Why your current strategy isn’t working
  • How to get radiant, glowing skin
  • Effective solutions to heal your skin (to work alongside your diet plan)
  • How to clear your skin from the inside out
  • How digestion plays a role in everything
  • How low stomach acid affects eczema
  • How toxins affect your skin
  • Supplements to help your skin
  • and much more!
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